Why Creighton

Selecting a consulting company is a big decision. In all likelihood, you’re going to be working closely with this organization. As such, you want to make sure the team you select is going to be a good fit for both yourself and those you may represent. The question becomes: Why Creighton?

Well… as with most consulting firms, we have the experience. Our President, John Daly, has 35 years of accounting and industry experience. Over the years, he has worked closely with HOA’s, POA’s, and communities of all sizes to help them accomplish their organizational objectives. In addition, John has over a decade of commercial property management experience. He cleans up the books and keeps them that way! 100% account reconciliation, 100% of the time, period. John also has vast experience working with organizations to ensure full technology integration. He makes sure your systems are working for you, not against you. As if that wasn’t enough, John has also worked closely with various organizations to ensure their marketing materials are created and distributed with intention. Marketing only has value if it is sending the message the company intended to send. John has also hired industry experts to assure his way of doing business is carried out by those he employs. But that’s what you expected…

At Creighton Financial, what really sets us apart is our devotion to the customer and our strategic business alliances. In our eyes, the client’s needs’ supersede all else. We are available via our online message boards to service any needs you may have. Our process is designed to work with you, not against you. We listen to our clients wants, needs and desires long before designing any type of plan. Our goal is to exist quietly alongside you, improving your business with each passing day.

Customer service aside, we also boast key partnerships with companies like Caliber, Yardi, and other software solutions. As we all know, connections can be everything. Just last year, we earned the distinction of being recognized as 1 of only 2 preferred vendors for Caliber nationwide. Additionally, we are listed on the YARDI Independent Consultant Network. At Creighton Financial we leverage our connections to work hard for you!