“I made social media profiles for my business, and I’m having trouble engaging my audience. Should I be posting daily, weekly or…? What should I be posting about?

Greg Conn
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That’s a great question. Sometimes grasping social media can be confusing, especially for those of us who didn’t grow up posting our every move on Facebook! Luckily, Social Media and Marketing are what we do!

For your question about posting frequency, we would say it it depends on the platform. For a platform like Facebook we recommend posting every other day or twice a week at the minimum. For platforms like Twitter and Instagram, you have a little more freedom to post more frequently. For Instagram we would recommend posting once daily and Twitter is really at your discretion as to how many times you would like to post. Business minded platforms like LinkedIn should be used with caution. You don’t want to fill people’s feeds on LinkedIn with marketing solicitations. We would recommend reserving LinkedIn for big events, grand openings, etc.

Regarding your question about posting content, again, our answer is: it depends. Different platforms have different uses. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are very picture/experience minded. These platforms are good for posting samples of the work you do, client testimonials, charity event photographs, etc. Platforms like Twitter are designed predominantly for the sharing of written content. This is a good place to try and engage your audience with enticing articles related to your product or service. These articles can be linked from blogs or written independently by the user.

What is the best way to explain to a new board when you should use operational funds versus reserve funds?

Marcia Reichenbach


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Board member turnover sometimes makes it challenging to get new members up to speed. Questions and concerns are sometimes left unanswered, which can make decision making difficult.


The best way to explain when it would be appropriate to use each fund is to examine what the funds are needed for and then determine which operational funds are to be used on any day to day expenses the community might incur. Examples of areas where operational funds may be used are: landscaping, maintenance, insurance, office expenses, utilities, and accounting. Reserve funds are different; they are to be used mostly for large projects. Example of areas where reserve funds may be used are: roofing, common sidewalks, or fencing replacement. Before spending reserve funds, it is important to reference your governing documents, as there are usually strict guidelines associated with how reserve funds are to be allocated.


Remember, if you ever have a question, don’t be afraid to ask the experts!

Why Can’t I Use My MAC to Log Onto To My Accounting Software?

Steve Gothard


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This is a question we get asked all the time. Recently I had a frustrated homeowner say to me “why do management companies use an accounting system that blocks almost half of the computer users out of their system?”. While we can sympathize with you, please know it isn’t our fault. In fact, the real culprit is Apple themselves.  You see the one thing that makes Apple so good is also the same thing that makes them somewhat limited when it comes to developing software applications on their platform.


Apple is a closed system. By that I mean you must do everything their way, play by their rules, and then when you’re finished you must submit your work to them for approval. It’s how they maintain their development environment.


Google, the developer of the Chrome browser (and the preferred browser of Creighton Financial), operates an open source environment and developers are free from the constraints of Apple and they are free to develop (more or less) however they’d like as long as they meet a limited number of requirements. In the HOA industry I can’t think of a single software developer who develops software for the Apple environment. Many have developed Apps for both the iPhone as  well as for the Android platforms  but they are based off applications written for the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.


Creighton has asked numerous development business partners that we work with if they have any plans on adding Apple to their software offerings and all of them have said no. The most common reason given is that there just isn’t the demand in the workplace for Apple and the cost of having a software company develop and maintain two platforms is very expensive. Yes, I know there are companies that do, certainly Microsoft does, but for our industry the demand is apparently just not there.


What can a homeowner or board member do if they only own a Mac? While the options are limited, you could purchase a Google Chromebook that uses Google Chrome as the browser (they run about $200-to $250 dollars). I fully realize that isn’t a choice for everyone, so you could log on to a pc that you have access to and utilize Chrome there (many people do this when they’re working).  You could also make an appointment and come into our office and we’ll help you get setup. I know that is much easier said than done, but certainly still an option.


Creighton is constantly evaluating our software partners and we’re constantly looking at what technology best serves our clients. We want to offer you the best tools and provide the most access we can.

Can an HOA collect past due fees when a home is in foreclosure?

While the mortgage on the home will always be in the first position lien, junior liens (which include HOA fees) will be next in line to collect any funds that remain after the mortgage has been satisfied and the foreclosure expenses are paid. A lien must be on the property at the time the property goes into foreclosure.

No One Has Time to Volunteer for HOA Board – Can We Pay Them?

Most governing documents specify that board members are not to be paid.  If your documents do not address this specifically the best course of action would be to seek a legal advice. One way to get volunteers is to have active committees, that way you can be grooming committee members to be future board members.