Successful Caliber implementations are ones that are well planned, task driven, and yield near immediate positive results. While there are always some surprises with any transition of this magnitude, a well-planned, well executed Caliber implementation can be fully completed in as little as a single weekend with the right team to assist you.Almost all implementations have the same wireframe composition. Provided the proper resources are available, the only remaining tasks after a successful software implementation are: 100% account reconciliation, bank verification, and post implementation training for the new user community. Depending on the transition platform different management companies may reconcile different types of data. We will identify required data points to be brought over into your new Caliber platform. When making the bold change from an old, outdated system is a great opportunity for a fresh start.

Transitions are a very big deal and at Creighton Financial we are aware of this. For many of our clients this will be their first transition. The good news is that this isn’t our first transition. In fact, we have about 75 years of collective transition experience within our team.  We will coach you on the important hurdles we need to get over and we will expertly guide through the critical path so you complete this process correctly the first time.
Training is an ongoing process that should be looked at as more of an ongoing process than just a task driven event. There is a so much to learn and absorb when you are implementing a new accounting system that it simply doesn’t happen as fast as everyone would like it to.  Just as you’re learning something new, you also have to learn to forget the old ways. The process takes time, but we’re here for our clients every step of the way.  Through the use of virtual tools our Creighton team can do a single one on one training session and even take control of your keyboard. We can show you how to fish for yourself.  We also have the capability to do large group training sessions as well, either onsite or virtually.

If you have been looking for someone to process your companies financials, look no further. Creighton Financial is the answer. We can be your one stop shop for all your accounting needs. We make your business work for you. Don’t waste your time worrying about the software, having an accounting department, processing monthly financials, or things of that nature. Let us worry about that while you focus on growing your business.
With the use of our intricate systems and processes we can maintain your computing environment so you no longer have to worry about nightly backups, disaster recovery, or new software upgrades. You can request a monthly report package customized for each of your communities. We also provide our clients with 24/7 access 365 days a year to your financials so you can generate reports around your schedule.

Business Process Evaluation (BPE) is a top to bottom evaluation of how your business runs. Are you achieving the efficiencies you need to remain competitive? Do you have applications installed but maybe not setup completely because maybe you weren’t sure what the next step was? Do you have a legacy process in place because you don’t want to rock the boat with your staff?  Are you fully utilizing the correct software with the correct applications? Do you still have file server’s installed because you’re not sure how to leverage the cloud?
Creighton Financial can help you with an honest evaluation. We can also help you to ensure all your software applications are installed properly and functioning correctly.  If you’re looking to upgrade your core accounting software you’re in luck because that’s what we do best.  This is the single most important software management companies utilize and getting this wrong is not an option.Do you have a mechanism in place that will allow your employees to build a better mouse trap? If so, what do they see and hear?
After our in-depth analysis you’ll be relieved to know we have the resources to get you where you really intended to be all along.